First Catacombs show

Our first show at Catacombs- a venue in Chicago for underground Christian bands- will be Desiring Dead Flesh, Leper, and October Bird of Death on Sunday, April 17th. We have more shows planned for the summer.

The event can be found on Facebook here.

If you would like to book your band at Catacombs, please call or message Kos at 773-332-6506, or email

desiring dead flesh catacombs show

Theses Zine/Blog

Theses is a semi-annual zine made by the D-beat raw punk band Anti-World System and our friends. The band and zine share the same mission:

We exist to challenge worldly Christians to return to true Biblical faith, and to proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ as the only hope for a dying and decaying world. We are neither right or left-wing, or conservative or liberal. We reject secularism and all things contrary to the word of God, that try to establish itself in the Holy Church of Messiah Jesus.

Copies of the issue 1 are available in the merch section, but the articles in it will be posted on over time.